Thursday, January 3, 2008

Live or Let Live or Die?

My laptop has been on the fritz the last couple of days and my pictures of Israel are on it, which is why I haven't posted Vol. II of my trip. Once the computer is fixed, I'll be sure to continue with my adventures.

While in Israel, I was listening to a kid from Houston, Texas named Eric have a friendly argument with another Sachlav participant about whether they'd rather live to be 100 but be in more pain or live only to 75 but have those years full of joy and the least amount of agony possible.

At one point, every teenager (and even into the adult years) has this argument, whether internally or externally. Personally, I'd rather live a full 75 than a so-so 100 (Eric thought the same thing), and I was thinking about this yesterday when I heard this:

I'd rather die happy than not die at all
And a man is a fool who will not heed the call

That's from "W.S. Walcott Medicine Show" by the Band, and sums up perfectly what millions of wasted words in thousands of naive arguments couldn't fully sum up.

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