Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Five Best...Neil Young Album Openers

#5. "Goin' Back" from Comes a Time

I feel like goin' back
Back where there's nowhere to stay
When fire fills the sky
I'll still remember that day
These rocks I'm climbin' down
Have already left the ground
Careening through space

#4. "Walk On" from On the Beach

Ooh baby, that's hard to change
I can't tell them how to feel.
Some get stoned, some get strange,
But sooner or later it all gets real.

Walk on, walk on,
Walk on, walk on.

#3. "Tell Me Why" from After the Gold Rush

Tell me lies later, come and see me
I'll be around for a while.
I am lonely but you can free me
All in the way that you smile
Tell me why, tell me why

#2. "Cinnamon Girl" from Everybody Knows This is Nowhere

Ten silver saxes, a bass with a bow
The drummer relaxes and waits between shows
For his cinnamon girl

#1. "Out on the Weekend" from Harvest

See the lonely boy, out on the weekend
Trying to make it pay.
Can't relate to joy, he tries to speak and
Can't begin to say

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