Monday, January 28, 2008

Five Best...George Songs

#5. "George E. Porge" by Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel

He's born in Beverly Hills
But raised in Albuquerque
All the little girls, they thought him fine
But George E. Porge, he's kissed the girls
And felt he'd rather kiss the boys
And speculates if now is not the time

#4. "Sultans of Swing" by Dire Straits

You check out Guitar George, he knows all the chords
Mind he's strictly rhythm, he doesn't want to make it cry or sing
And an old guitar is all, he can afford
When he gets up under the lights to play his thing

#3. "The Village Green Preservation Society" by the Kinks

We are the Draught Beer Preservation Society.
God save Mrs. Mopp and good ol' Mother Riley.
We are the Custard Pie Appreciation Consortium.
God save the George Cross, and all those who were awarded them.

#2. "George Jackson" by Bob Dylan

Sent him off to prison
For a seventy-dollar robbery.
Closed the door behind him
And they threw away the key.
Lord, Lord,
They cut George Jackson down.
Lord, Lord,
They laid him in the ground.

#1. "Madame George" by Van Morrison

Down on Cyprus Avenue
With a childlike vision leaping into view
Clicking, clacking of the high heeled shoe
Ford & Fitzroy, Madame George

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Nadia Chaudhury said...

100 george michaels?

kiara ink said...

Curious Josh, the curious little monkey....

And thanks for the last two: for my youth and for my old age.