Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Five Best...Cadillac Songs

This list is in honor of Bob Dylan's new commercial.

#5. "Cadillac Daddy (Mr. Highway Man)" by Howlin' Wolf

Look-it-here man, please check this oil
Look-it here man, please check this oil
Just a long Cadillac, bound to try out your soil

#4. “Big Black Cadillac Blues” by Lightin’ Hopkins

That Cadillac wouldn’t run for me,
And it won’t run for you.

#3. “Brand New Cadillac” by The Clash (written by Vince Taylor)

My baby rolled up in a brand new Cadillac,
Yes, she did.
My baby drove up in a brand new Cadillac,
She said, "Hey, come here, Daddy!"
"I ain't never coming back!"

#2. “Maybellene” by Chuck Berry

Pink in the mirror on top of the hill,
It's just like swallowin' up a medicine pill.
First thing I saw that Cadillac grille
Doin' a hundred and ten gallopin' over that hill.
Off hill curve, a downhill stretch,
Me and that Cadillac neck by neck.

#1. “Talkin’ World War III Blues” by Bob Dylan

Well, I seen a Cadillac window uptown
And there was nobody around,
I got into the driver's seat
And I drove 42nd Street
In my Cadillac.
Good car to drive after a war.

There are many great Cadillac songs that I didn't include on this list, but can be found here.


Tyra Shortino said...

Who knew there are a lot of songs dedicated to the Cadillac? Well, it definitely became an inspiration to the artists and song writers who produced these wonderful songs. Imagine listening to these songs while driving on the free way. It surely put anyone who’s handling the wheel in the mood. If I may add, the song “Cadillac Car” from the movie Dream Girls can also be on the list!

[Tyra Shortino]

Clint Moore said...

Whenever I see a Caddy, the song that comes into my mind is Natalie Cole’s “Pink Cadillac.” The song reminds me of the 80’s. The big hair, the groovy fashion, and of course, the great music! Coolest era ever! -Clint Moore

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