Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mr. Reporter, Vol. II

As appears in today's issue of the New School Free Press:

#5. The Simpsons
400 Episodes, Longest Running Sitcom Ever, Hit Movie, 21 Emmy’s, Ralph Wiggum, Most Guest Stars in an Animated Show—the list could keep going on and on. I guess if you aren’t watching the show yet or have never heard of the name Bort, you’re beyond lost anyways…

#4. Weeds
I’m partly biased here because of my love for Mary Louise-Parker, but if you haven’t been watching the third season (it began in mid-August), please do what I did: have a friend download them illegally from online. Or maybe just watch them on Showtime? Either works.

#3. Scrubs
This is the last season for John Dorian, Turk Turkelton, Rowdy and the rest of the gang at Sacred Heart Hospital. True, it’ll run forever on Comedy Central re-runs, but Scrubs has never gotten the true respect it deserves for being a stellar sitcom.

#2. Heroes
With so much hype over the summer, it’ll be tough for Tim Kring and the other writers to appease all the fans of the show. But, in terms of a sophomore year, I think it’ll be more awesome than, let’s say, Twin Peaks.

#1. The Office
Judging by last season’s finale, Jim and Pam are (finally) together. So, where does the show go now? They’ve stepped past the boundaries of BBC’s Office and although the “Will They? Won’t They” factor might be lost, the show does still have Steve Carell and Creed.