Friday, September 14, 2007

Last Inprint Post (For the Name Has Changed)

As appears in last week's Inprint:

Best Place to Get Quench Your Craving for Chocolate,
While going to a concert at St Ann’s Warehouse in DUMBO one night, a friend and I stumbled upon Jacques Torres Chocolate. Located at 66 Water Street, it’s a great place to get their famous Ice Cold Hot Chocolate, chocolate bon-bon’s, croissants and huge bars of chocolate for pretty cheap (seriously, 2.2 pounds for only 20 bucks is a good deal) that makes waiting for a concert that much more bearable.

Best “That’s What She Said” in New York City

Even the most stoic of souls can’t resist unleashing a “That’s What She Said” when walking through the intersection of Cumming Street and Seaman Avenue. Located in the Bronx, it’s a dream come (cum?) true for all those who appreciate childish jokes and always laugh when someone says the word “beaver.” But if that’s not good enough for you, Dyckman Street is just a few blocks away.

Best Place to See Underground Horror Movies
At the Pioneer Theater, you can view films like The Tripper which has a plot description of, “A Ronald Reagan-obsessed serial killer targets a bunch of hippies who are heading to a weekend-long concert.” Intrigued? If so, head over to East 3rd Street between Avenue A and B, and be sure to check our their upcoming “Fourth Annual Month of Horror, Terror and General Mayhem” in October.

Best Place to Get Drunk for Free
If you like free wine and artwork ranging from terrible to not-so-terrible, the art galleries in Chelsea on Thursday nights are the place to be. Located between Ninth and Tenth Avenue in, well, Chelsea, the galleries become packed with hopeful artists, creepo’s looking to pick up a chick or dude or both, and people like me who know how to take advantage of a good thing.

Best Place(s) to Reenact An Album Cover
There’s nothing as readily recognizable in New York City as, say, The Beatles crossing Abbey Road in terms of album covers but there are places where you can go to see where iconic photos were taken. Traveling into Greenwich Village, head to the intersection of Jane and 4th Street, and you’ve got where Bob Dylan and his then-girlfriend, Suze Rotolo, stood for The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan. Once finished there, walk over to 96 and 98 St. Mark’s Place and that’s where Led Zeppelin’s Physical Grafitti was shot.

Best Bookstore
You try to be clever with lists and think of something that no one else has, but when it comes to bookstores in this fine city, there’s really one place to go: Strand. And everyone knows it. With “18 miles” of books and two locations (the better of the two is at East 12th Street and Broadway while the other resides at 95 Fulton Street) , whatever you need to find can be easily found within their endearingly cramped aisles. Plus, the people there are a lot nicer than the ones at any Barnes & Noble or Borders.