Friday, September 21, 2007

Early in the Morning, I'm Callin' YouTube, Vol. V


-Otis Redding and the Black Keys singing "Try a Little Tenderness" in 1966. Gotta love the outfits the Keys are wearing.

-I have no idea who Woody Lissauer is, but he does a really good version of "John Barleycorn Must Die." His accent really adds something to the song. But then again, it's a tough song to really sound terrible performing.

-Here's the Traffic version of the same song. Just perfect.

-When I first heard that Mark Ronson was re-mixing "Most Likely You Will Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)" and giving it more of a hip-hop feel, I was very skeptical but now that I've heard it, it's actually kind of interesting. Bringing the horns to the front of the song is an inspired choice. And if gets the kiddies listening to Dylan, all the more power to him.

-Keep "Pressing On."

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Lois said...

Hi Josh,

Thought I'd drop you a line about Woody Lissauer "rhymes with guitar", whose “Barleycorn” rendition you Blogged about here. He's an indie songwriter/ musician/ producer (and friend of mine) who lives in Baltimore. He’s got a really interesting history touring (mostly as a guitarist) with a number of major bands across the US, Canada, and parts of Europe for some 20-30 yrs.

Woody previously released 4 CDs while with his band 'Cubic Feet' supported by a Warner publishing deal. He's got 2 new CDs out now that he self-produced in a style he terms 'Adventurous Astro-Folk'.

His self-titled CD has the "John Barleycorn" track you so like. Also a "Gates of Eden" track and original tribute to Dylan ("Poet of the Year") I think you'd enjoy, and his big local "Roses" hit too. His “Poet of the Year” track isn’t up on his main website - - yet to listen to, but I expect he’ll be putting it up there soon…”Gates of Eden” and “Roses” are though. Also his new "War and the World" CD has a number of interesting tracks for you to check out, incl his original "Freedom" song and version of Jefferson Airplane's "Somebody to Love." ("If I Only Knew" is one of my personal favorites.)

We'd love it if you'd review one or both of his new CDs for your Blog! The tracks to most of his lyrics as well as the songs on both CDs are available on his main site. Also feel free to check out his 30 other videos on his YouTube page at:! :)

Feel free to email me for more info or if you need/ would like anything else.

Take care,
Lois ;)

[BTW, since you also seem to be into “Green Stuff”-- I actually also co-run a WordPress Blog called GreenCityBaltimore - – we set it up to collect all kinds of stuff on green & social issues in Baltimore to ultimately turn it into a community-oriented website (and probably org as well). It’s how I met Woody in the first place- he “volunteer-performed” for a park event of ours. Feel free to check us out! I'm just now starting up my own personal Blog here too.]