Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Five Best...Random Thoughts While Walking to School Today

#5. I really like "Once More, With Feeling."

#4. Every time I see a poster for The Simpsons Movie, I get giddy. And I see about three on a 15 minute walk to The New School.

#3. Along that same line, whenever I see the stores Bang Bang Men and Lucky Wang's, I laugh a little to myself. Although, sadly, Bang Bang Men isn't in commission.

#2. Dylan's "Thunder on the Mountain" is a great song to listen to when it's about 95 degrees outside.

#1. I'm beyond excited to be seeing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix tonight at midnight. Although it wasn't a favorite when I first read it, I'm re-reading now (and attempting to finish it before seeing the movie) and it's much better than I'm remembering. Yes, Dolores Umbridge, the Grand Inquisitor of Hogwarts, is beyond evil and Harry is annoyingly angsty at times, but the politics between the Ministry and Dumbledore are quite interesting and the writing is actually pretty good--for Rowling's standards at least. The film is getting great reviews and I'll post my thoughts tomorrow.

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