Saturday, July 28, 2007

Five Best...Bands I Hate Myself for Enjoying

#5. Alice Cooper

His early stuff is actually quite good. But you just don't go around saying, "Man, I love the Coop."

#4. Led Zeppelin

I'm still not won over as to their being, as many people have told me, the "Greatest Band in the World," but I do find myself listening to Zeppelin III and IV more than I'd like to admit. My iPod knows something is amiss too: After shuffle came up with "Stairway to Heaven," the next two songs were by the Wolf and Muddy. In other words, real blues.

#3. Dire Straits

There is something undeniably perfect (in a pop sense, of course) about their album, Making Movies. The first four tracks are "Tunnel of Love," "Romeo and Juliet," "Skateaway" and "Espresso Love," and they all kick slights of ass--in a corny, FM radio kind of way.

#2. Joni Mitchell

She's very talented and better than the other bands/artists on this list, but whenever I listen to Blue or Court and Spark, I feel like I have to listen to Mastodon or Slayer right after to tell myself, "I am a dude, not a chick."

#1. Phish

Outside of the lead guitarist and vocalist, Trey Anastatsio, Phish just simply aren't that talented. But I love them dearly. On albums like Hoist, Lawn Boy and Junta, they do an impressive job of changing their sound, but still something is off. Maybe the lyrics aren't that good? The drummer kind of stinks? Whatever the case, I've been in a huge Phish mood of late...and I hate myself for it.


taterhead said...

Phish's drummer (Jon Fishman) is the better than most drummers. Keep listening - you will agree in about 5 years. The band as a whole makes them great. Separately, they are not as good. Do yourself a favor and put down the Phish albums and start listening to their live shows:

I recommend:


I agree with your other bands - we all love them too. You are not alone.

Petrockstar said...

Oh, that Coop!