Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Stuck Inside of New York with the Memphis Blues Again

Here are some pictures from Memphis, TN, which I liked more than Nashville and although I pretty much saw everything I wanted to see (minus the insanely priced Graceland tour), I wouldn't mind going back again at some point.

The Graceland sign. Again, Nadia and I didn't actually go into Graceland because the cost of the tour was ridiculous, and besides, I'm more interested in early Elvis material rather than bloated, oversized Elvis.

We did go into the Stax Museum though, and one of the first pictures I saw was of Sam Cooke, one of my favorites. In the same room as Sam was Louis Jordan, another seminal figure in rock, blues and jazz.

A sign for "Wicked" Pickett at the Museum.

The most memorable thing at the Museum was a set of telegraphs from grievers that Otis Redding's wife got when his plane crashed and he passed away. There was a whole room dedicated to Otis because, at least in my opinion, he's the most influential (and greatest) artist Stax ever had.

Nadia taking a picture outside of the Stax Museum.

The Lorraine Motel, where Martin Luther King Jr. was shot. The building is now home to the Civil Rights Museum but part of the motel is kept in tact, and towards the left of this picture, on the upper level, was where MLK was shot. It was especially haunting going here because it'll have happened 40 years ago on April 4.

More from Memphis tomorrow.