Monday, March 24, 2008

Nashville Skyline

I'm back...

For the past week, my girlfriend, Nadia, and I were on a road trip to Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee. We had a great time, and below are some of my favorite pictures from Nashville, with pictures of Memphis tomorrow.

For some reason, Nashville has the world's only replica of the Parthenon. It's in the middle of the city's Centennial Park, and while I'm sure the actual Parthenon is much more breathtaking than the one in Nashville, it was still interesting to see (and had a surprising lack of graffiti on it).

Surrounded by a mall and theme restaurants was the Grand Ole Opry. While Nadia and I didn't actually go into the Opry, we were outside of it, and were also outside of the Ryman where the Opry used to be. When walking past the Ryman, I marveled about how Hank Williams and Elvis performed there. That's one of the best feelings I had during our trip.

See the title of this post.

While leaving Nashville, I noticed this broken mural of Johnny Cash. I have no idea why was on the side of this building and who originally painted it, but it was a nice farewell from Nashville.