Thursday, November 8, 2007

Waiting To Be Found

The way people get to Five Best is quite interesting. I added Google Analytics to my blog in order to track how many people visit daily, what country they’re from, how they get to my site (majority through Google) and also the keywords put in that eventually lead to FB.

Here are some of the better ones:

Five Best…Top Keywords That Lead People to Five Best (numerically)

#5. Goodbye Songs

#4. Cha cha Josh Kurp

#3. Best Goodbye Songs

#2. Songs about Masturbation

#1. Songs about Cleveland

And here are some of the funniest searches:

“Weird Pick-Up Lines”
“Best Songs for Sex”
“Best Burning Songs”
“David Bowie Looks”
“Best Masturbation”
“Best Ugly People”
“Cletus Homer Let’s Stop All the Fussin’ and the Feudin’”
“Baby, I’m Not From Havana”
“Guilty Pleasure Neil Diamond Dry Your Eyes”
“Space Mother Fucker Lyrics”
“Stupid Babies Need the Most Attention”
“Bands I Hate”
“Concert + Found Cum Stains”
“Ginny Weasley Whore”
“Great Songs to Live By”
“Ken Kurp”
“Rufus T Firefly and Ziggy Stardust”
“The Osmonds Crazy Horses Blogspot”
“Top 100 Things to Ask a Girl on a Date ‘Ever Milk a Cow’”
“Wes Anderson Saul Bellow”

And there’s at least 70 searches with Dylan’s name in there somehow

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