Friday, April 6, 2007

What Has Marvin Gaye Got That Paul Butterfield Doesn't?

A while back, a friend asked me, “What’s the best song to have sex to?” and I didn’t know what answer to give. I wanted to refrain away from clichéd choices like “Sex Machine” by James Brown, “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye or anything by Barry White, but couldn’t think of a good answer. So, I told him some random song by Reverend Al Green.

But today at work, while delivering an envelope to 85th Street, I thought of the perfect choice: “East/West” by The Paul Butterfield Blues Band.

Now before you dismiss my choice, here are the reasons why:

1. No pesky lyrics to get in the way. If you were looking for a way to seduce someone, words are the way to go but once you’re past that step, it’s all about the background noise because your mind should hopefully be elsewhere.

2. The ability to impress your lady or man. Most people have never heard of “East/West” or, for that matter, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band so if you play them, they’ll be impressed that it isn’t “Sexual Healing.”

3. Length. The song registers at over a healthy 13 minutes so you won’t have to worry about “The Black Rider” by Tom Waits coming onto your iPod while you’re making your move.

4. This is the most important reason why it’s a great sex song: it follows the rhythm of sex perfectly. “East/West” starts off at as a slow blues jam (I realize that maybe the genre of “blues” isn’t the best way to classify the song because I think it doesn’t fit into the typical blues structure, but considering they’re a blues band, it’ll have to do) and slowly builds its way up to a giant climax…then it falls and the same thing happens again a few minutes later…and then it happen again! There are three peaks to the song which, depending on how good and quick you are, just might make it the perfect song for sex.

5. Plus, don’t these boys just radiate sexuality?