Monday, April 2, 2007

"And if I have a great concert/Maybe I won't have to sing those folk songs again."

One of the perks of being in New York during the spring and summer is the glut of concerts that you have to look forward to. On Tuesday, I’ll be seeing the legendary “proto-punk” band, Pere Ubu while on April 15h, I’m going to a concert by The Queers, who are about the closest things we’ll ever get to The Ramones in present day music. Other shows that I’m hoping to go to include Television in mid-June and Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band (if the rumor is true) in September at Keyspan Park, the minor league ballpark of my New York Mets. My 1-0 New York Mets.

Since coming to NYC in late August of last year, I’ve only seen two shows: Sonny Rollins at Lincoln Center and Bob Dylan at New York City Center. This is rather pitiful on my part for every artist I enjoy normally swings around to the city at least once on their town. But either through sickness, laziness or obscene ticket prices, there’s many that I’ve missed. For instance, Lou Reed will be the first artist ever to play at the new HighLine Ballroom but with tickets being $85, it’s slightly out of my range. I did once pay $50 to see Lou but the show was cancelled due to him being sick—a non-event that still makes me sad.

A main reason that I want to stay here over the summer when school isn’t in session is because of all the concert series (some of which are free) that are held throughout the five boroughs. Some of the best names include Television, Neko Case, The Decemberists, Booker T. Jones & the MG’s and Ralph Stanley.

I’ll never get to see Zappa and the Mothers or The Band or The Clash, but by getting to see Ubu and Television, among others, I’m hoping that they can recapture their previous glories (not as if either one has lost their “groove,” so to speak) and that it’ll be one heck of a show.

Five Best…Artists I’d Love to See Live (That I Haven’t Already)

#5. Elvis Costello

#4. Levon Helm

#3. Neil Young

#2. Lou Reed

#1. The Rolling Stones

"Good night, boys and girls. Thank you for coming to our concert."
-Frank Zappa

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