Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hey, Hey, It's the Weekend

Another day and night of sickness leads to a college student who's in desperate need of sleep. But I'll bet you've never heard that one before.

For better or worse, last night, I went to a Buffy Sing-A-Long at the IFC Center. The theater was showing the musical episode of Buffy, "Once More, With Feeling," and due to my loving that episode and the Rocky Horror feel because of actors at IFC performing out the scenes as it went along, I had a great time. I say for better or worse because, well, I can barely speak this morning due to all my singing.

But onto the list! On weekends, I won't typically continue with the Five Best list that's on-going for various reasons so, instead, I'll start another mini-list that'll be finished in one post. For instance:

Five Best...Songs from Once More, With Feeling

5. "Rest in Peace"

4. "I've Got a Theory"

3. "Standing"

2. "Going Through the Motions"

1. "Walk Through the Fire"

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