Monday, August 20, 2007

Once in a Lifetime

Every so often, you find a line by an artist that you listen to but not on a consistent basis. This morning, while doing research for a blog posting that didn't happen (Five Best..."Upstate" Songs), I found this line from Sufjan Stevens' "Pittsfield":

Since that time we meant to say much more
Unsaid things begin to take their toll
After school we shovel through the snow
Drive upstate in silence in the cold

The main reason I haven't posted in a few days is because two of my best friends, Kayley and Nadia, came to visit me. The three of us worked on The New School's newspaper, Inprint, and although Nadia graduated this past year, I still think of her as a New School student--whether she likes it or not.

On August 23rd, it'll be my one-year anniversary at the school because, although I'm going to be a junior, I spent my (disasterous) freshman year at SUNY Purchase. I mention the date because although it's only been 362 days since I've become a student in Manhattan, I can't really imagine another college I'd like to be at right now. I mean, of course, kickin' it with the kangaroo's in a college in the Outback or learning to speak Italian in Italy would be spectacular, but those aren't practical choices--not yet, at least. So, for now, I'm quite happy to be living in New York City, taking interesting classes, working on the newspaper, and having friends like Nadia, Kayley, Bruiser, Hannah, Liz, Ilana, Kayley F, Linh, Danielle, Rosalyn, Michelle, Kevin, Almie, Mari, and Sydney

And all this came from a single verse of a Sufjan Stevens song...

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