Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Five Best...Songs from John Barleycorn Must Die

#5. "Empty Pages"

Found someone who can comfort me,
But there are always exceptions
And she's good at appearing sane,
But I just want you to know

She's the one makes me feel so good
When everything is against me
Picks me up when I'm feeling down,
So I've got something to show

#4. "Freedom Rider"

Like a hurricane around your heart,
When earth and sky are torn apart
He comes gathering up the bits,
While hoping that the puzzle fits
He leads you, he leads you
Freedom rider

#3. "Stranger to Himself"

Through his nightmare vision,
He sees nothing, only well
Blind with the beggar's mind,
He's but a stranger
He's but a stranger to himself

#2. "Every Mother's Son"

Once again I'm northward bound, on the edge of sea and sky
Together we will go and see what waits for us
A backdoor to the universe, that old moondust.

#1. "John Barleycorn Must Die"

There were three men came out of the west,
Their fortunes for to try
And these three men made a solemn vow
John Barleycorn must die

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