Monday, August 27, 2007

Five Best...Songs from Amnesia

#5. "I Still Dream"

On the killing floor I stand with a stun gun in my hand
Like a cowboy shooting badmen on the range
And nothing satisfies and the soul inside me dies
As I duck each punch and never risk the change
And now you look at me with that same old used-to-be
Oh but time winds down and I turned my back long ago

#4. "Gypsy Love Songs"

Oh stillborn love, passionate dreams, pitiful greed
And the silver tongues of the tinker girls
Who throw the book of life at you
But they don't know how to read

#3. "Can't Win"

Don't waken the dead as you sleepwalk around
If you have a dream, brother, hush, not a sound
Just stand there and rust, die if you must
But play the game

#2. "Turning of the Tide"

The boys all say "You look so fine"
They don't come back for a second time
Oh you can't hide from the turning of the tide

#1. "Yankee Go Home"

My girlfriend still won't talk to me
Since she met with a sailor from the land of the free
I'm tired of being alone
Yankee, go home!

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