Thursday, June 21, 2007

And These Visions of Amelia Conquer My Mind

While looking at the lyrics for “Visions of Johanna” for some reason yesterday, I came across an entry about how just once in Perth, Australia, Dylan added an extra verse to the song:

Amelia, when asked "Was it awesome, your stay in Australia?"
Said, "Sort of, but short, this land must be God's favourite failure
I left after finding out that even here, even here there is daily a
Dawn, I could just as well choose
Vancouver or the Ivory Coast"
I said "Yes, but in places like those
There are no kangaroos."
A Maya with gloves, once said "Love is like cacao beans"
Well, these visions of Johanna are the darkest pralines.

At first, I was quite skeptical of this but after looking around, it seems like the truth that Dylan added this verse (not sure in-between which two remaining ones) for that one concert and has never touched it again.

Frankly, I can kind of see why.

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