Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Five Best...Marlon Brando Films

#5. Guys and Dolls

-Surprisingly, Brando, as Sky Masterson, goes toe for toe with Sinatra. This film is also my favorite musical.

#4. Apocalypse Now

-His role as Kurtz is terrible, but the movie is just so damn good (and appeared on my Music in Film final too)

#3. On the Waterfront

-I can’t tell if I have a bigger man crush on him in this movie…

#2. A Streetcar Named Desiree

-…or this one.

#1. The Godfather

-The only film that could be ranked higher is, well, The Godfather: Part II, but while that would top most of my movie lists, it doesn’t this one because Don Corleone really isn’t in that movie.

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