Sunday, March 11, 2007

It's All In The Song

Much more about Buffy tomorrow.

As for today's list:

Five Best...Bands Named After Songs

#5. Mean Mr. Mustard (after The Beatles song from Abbey Road)

#4. Paint It Black (after The Stones' song)

#3. Raindogs (after the Tom Waits' song and album)

#2. Radiohead (mentioned in the Talking Heads song "True Stories")

#1. The Rolling Stones (after the Muddy Waters song "Rollin' Stone")

On tonight's Simpsons, Selma and Grandpa began to date (and eventually marry) and during a montage of the things they do together (which includes looking at a poster of the Woody Allen movie Manhattan), the song played is Joe Jackson's great "Is She Really Going Out With Him?" It's a radio hit that I never tire of hearing.

Later in the episode, Selma says, "I guess The Beatles were wrong: love isn't all you need." To which Grandpa responses, "I didn't realize you liked The Beatles because that would have caused some problems down the line."

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