Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Darkest Night

A few nights ago, I had a dream in which I was a citizen of Gotham City, where Batman takes place. What made this dream special was that the townspeople, myself included, were under attack by...the Joker, specifically the Heath Ledger version, not Jack's.

As The Dark Knight inches ever closer to being released, I'm looking forward to it more and more--including, evidentially, even when I'm sleeping in dreams, although this was more of a nightmare.

I, along with about 30 others, was waiting on a subway platform for a train to arrive, when we heard banging and crashing from above. A few Gothamities went to take a peek to see what was going on, but moments later, there was screaming, and we all knew that they had died. I woke up just as soon as the Joker's shadow was becoming visible on a wall, and his voice could be heard.

Last summer, I really looked forward to The Simpsons Movie and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but never so much that the film crept into my unconscious. Now all I have to do is wait until July 18 at 12:01 a.m. to see if Nolan's The Dark Knight is as scary as Josh Kurp's The Dark Knight.

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