Saturday, April 19, 2008

Don't Pass(over) Me By

I did a Leo's Lyrics search for "Passover," and there were only five songs that showed up. Here they are:

Hannukah ain’t that sober,
So you don’t passed over.
So get your ass over to my pad,
It’s Passover.


The brook
Time it is at hand
Obscure the facts
A passion play

-Blind Guardian

But no Passover is planned
A great renewal growls at hand
And only when they're running
Will they come to understand,
So ends the pitiful reign of Man

-Cradle of Filth

The eye in the triangle smiling with sin
No Passover feast for the cursed within

-Iron Maiden

There was another song called "The Shitagogue" by Grand Belial's Key that I didn't post the lyrics to because they're too offensive even for me.

What terrible, terrible songs. I think I'll stick with a Passover rendition of "Eight Days a Week."

And there's also always this:

But seriously, have a happy Passover everyone.

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